Sunday, 2 July 2017

Bee lucky!

Little did I know that when I sowed some bees and butterflies flower seed mix earlier in the year how successful I would be. Oh look I said on Fathers' day, look how many bumble bees I have enticed into my garden.

A bit too successful ... they have set up home.  Oh crikey, I panicked, Are they dangerous? What should I do?.

A phone call to the local bee keepers association has set my mind at rest, as long as I don't poke it with a stick I should be fine.  The hive will live there for a few months then naturally die out. And he said I was very lucky.

They are living in this bush.

Which means I cannot possible weed the bottom of the garden.

I have done some research and found that they are probably buff tailed bumblebees.  I only have a basic camera but have tried to take some photos while they are busy collecting pollen and nectar from the borage.

I'm also very lucky to live where I do, just short walk out of town,

through a nature reserve,

into the countryside.

Making the most of the sunny summer evenings.

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  1. You certainly do live in a beautiful area. Eek! The bees setting up home would frighten me to death...


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