Sunday, 24 April 2016

Crochet Workshop Event

I'm ever so excited to announce that my Crochet Workshop event is open for bookings.

This is a one off event for me. I recently retired from 22 years working for the same company and took an opportunity to do something different.

The Workshops in People's Homes is an art project run by AND (Abandon Normal Devices). There are 10 workshops being held throughout Cumbria during May/June and I am one of them.

I have turned my living room into a crochet museum where I will deliver a lecture on the social history of the craft of crochet, followed by tea and a slice of traditional Westmorland baking and an opportunity to try crochet techniques.

To see about my workshop, click here.

To see the full programme, click here.

Preparations are underway. First job is to sort out what I have got

then wash the blankets to freshen up. Not often you see such a colourful washing line.

Friday, 22 April 2016

What am I made from?

Fabric scraps wound round washing line then machined into bowls with zig zag stitches. Makes a sturdy bowl. Thank you Janet from The Threshing Barn for the workshop.