Sunday, 9 July 2017

Scottish Wildlife

Earlier this year in May I went on a trip to Loch Fleet in north east Scotland. This is my third time in this area of Scotland, and I love going up there.  The weather is usually very kind and I have a lovely time looking at all the lovely scenery and looking out for the wildlife. I hope you don't mind my sharing some of my photographs.

Just a few Oyster Catchers

Seals in Loch Fleet, we were just a little bit too early to see any pups

Hillsides swarming with deer

Duck with ducklings in Dornoch

A 'speeding' snail (well the tide would be back in a few hours)

 Cormorants on rocks just off the coast at Brora

A furry caterpillar, wonder what it will turn into?

Look how close to the shore the seals come.  They seemed to be keeping an eye us.

And for a bit of fun I hope you see what I see in these.....

 A rock with a bit of lichen or a seal swimming in the sand

A reindeer, a moose, a rhinoceros or just a funny shaped tree

And finally, don't let anyone tell you that wildlife are shy.

Here is a cormorant who rushed into shot

Made sure I was looking

And then struck a classic cormorant pose.

That's all for now.



  1. Beautiful post, you really have captured the wildlife in all its glory, stunning.

    1. Thank you. I think my holiday snaps are improving.

  2. I haven't been over here for ages. I am glad I did. Great post with a little bit of quirky that I like. That tree? it is definitely a dear. Jo x

    1. I'm just getting back into blogging again. I've purchased a laptop and it's made creating the posts so much easier, as I can use a mouse. I was previously using an iPad and struggled a bit to do stuff. Thank you for dropping by.


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