Sunday, 16 July 2017


Living in Cumbria means that it is highly unlikely that I will ever get the chance to get to a Wimbledon Mens Final.  Apart from the distance from here to Wimbledon, there's the cost too.

However, thanks to the good old BBC I get a front row seat.

So to the preparations.  First job is to hull the strawberries. With thanks to my daughter who showed me this neat trick with a plastic drinking straw, this didn't take too long.

A lovely bowl of hulled strawberries (do I have to share these?)

Then make some chilled cucumber water,so I don't have to miss any tennis to get a drink.

Some crochet ready, in case it all gets too tense.

Found this tennis ornament (we used to call these executive toys). Does this count as decorating my home for the occasion.

And finally, this is the view I have when walking home so come to think of it, perhaps I have the better deal.

Got to go now as it's about to start.


  1. Did you enjoy the match? I felt a bit sorry for the runner up guy, but Federer is just the nicest bloke in sport I think so I was happy for him. i had no idea the strawberry straw things actually works. It's the kind of thing you see on facebook on those videos of hacks and I always assume they are all nonsense! Thanks !

    1. Hi, as matches go, it wasn't the most entertaining, but I'm so glad Roger won. I felt tears pricking my eyes as you could see how much it meant to him. And yes I did feel for Maron too, let's hope he gets another shot at the title in future years. I was sceptical about hulling strawberries with a straw, but as you can see it does work. It's quick and mainly mess free.

  2. A neat trick with the strawberries, I have never come across that before. You learn something new everyday.

    1. Yes, it's a good trick, just make sure you make any guests aware so they don't think they have been attacked by slugs, it's not usual to have round holes in the bottom of strawberries......


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