Monday, 21 April 2014

Managed to find a way to get the photo on.  Yeepee......

A posh frock

Hi, just spent the Easter holidays making a posh frock for my granddaughter.

Would love to share my photo of it but for some technical reason I cannot. Will try again tomorrow.

Hope she likes it. I won't get to see her til next weekend.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter break.

S xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bunny pattern

Here is the crochet pattern for the bunny.

I made mine with a 3.5mm hook and 3ply yarn, but any combination of hook and yarn would be ok.

  1. BODY: Make magic ring, 3ch, 11tr into ring, tighten and SS to top of 3rd ch. (12 tr altogether)
  2. 3ch, 1tr into same st, 2tr in each tr to end, SS to top of 3ch (24tr)
  3. HEAD: 5ch, 3ttr and 1tr into same st
  4. EARS: 9ch, 1dc into 2nd ch from hook, then work along ear as follows, htr, tr, tr, tr, tr, htr, dc, ss into top of tr on head
  5. 9ch, 1dc into 2nd ch from hook, then work along ear as follows, htr, tr, tr, tr, tr, htr, dc, ss into tr on body which is just after the head.
  6. Weave in ends, add features if required (embroidery, beads, pom pom tail)
Any probs with this pattern please feel free to ask. It's quite difficult transferring a pattern from your head to paper.

If you do make any of these bunnies please let me know.

Happy bunny making.

S xx

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Bunnies and fabulous fabric

Hello fellow bloggers, isn't it great to see the sun again.

Had a creative day yesterday.

Turned some Herdwick handspun wool on my train journey to and from Leeds, into these, a few finishing touches required, tails, eyes etc, then good to go.

Also couldn't resist the Leeds Market and bought this lot. One lucky granddaughter is going to get some new dresses.

Hope your creativity is flowing too.

S xx

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Felt vase

I made some felt and dyed it at my Embroiderers guild meeting at the beginning of March, and we were challenged to make something with it for the April meeting.  This is what I made:-

It is a sleeve which covers a glass coffee jar. My inspiration was nature and a mossy bank under a hedgerow. I added a spider's web and a couple of moths made from ribbon scraps. I used feather stitch, chain stitch, stem stitch and French knots. I added some made up stitches of my own and small beads. The teasels are pipe cleaners with some of the fluffy bits pulled out. I must admit I am rather pleased with it.

Working hard on my plans for the workshops, which start on the 2nd May.

J xx