Monday, 24 February 2014

What do you do when it rains?

What do you do when it rains?        You occupy yourself by making something, that's what!

Despite making all day I've not got much to show for it.

Paper pattern made using newspaper.

Basic mock up using old sheeting.

Adding a few motifs to my latest crochet creation, you can see how miserable it looks outside.

Head full of ideas, not enough time.

Have a good week
S xx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Owls, books, coffee and crochet

Hi fellow bloglanders,

A busy Sunday, I do like them, following on from a great Saturday. The EPPP course went well, we made pin cushions. I find it very fulfilling.

Lucky me, look what my great friend Lisa made for me ...

... they are soooooooo cute. It was from a pattern in Mollie Makes from a few years ago. I'd given it a try but failed miserably. I might be able to knit a bit but the cables were beyond me.

Book club today where I meet some friends for coffee and a chat. In these austerity times we have signed up for the local library service so we have pot luck on the book we read.  This month it was

Not really my thing, but despite not much of a story it all agreed it was well written.

We are also lucky to live near a literary festival so we looked through the brochure.

Back home and picked up my hook - my vintage waistcoat is coming along.

Have to get ready for work tomorrow.

Hope you have a good week.

S xx

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Crochet filet and away

Just finished the final class of the course tonight. This time we looked at filet crochet. I searched the internet and found a free pattern for a dragonfly.

This is the link

And this is the nearly completed piece. Really quick to do. Apologies as this is not a good photo, it's quite late at night.

I have really enjoyed delivering this course, I have also learnt a lot from the research I did. Looking forward to doing this course again in the future.

My next challenge is English Paper Piecing Patchwork, a new course that I am running this weekend. There are still a couple of places left. If you live near Shap and are free on Saturday, ring the Shap CDC on 01931 716447 to book a place.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Such fun and excitement

Hello bloglanders.

I've had a crafty week. Tuesday was Embroiderers' Guild and I tried some laminating. Such fun! (Oh dear have I been watching Miranda again)!  He he he.

Don't know what I will make it into, but it will turn into a something. It's about 4" by 2 1/2 ".

Thursday at crochet class we looked at broomstick lace crochet. It's fun to do and grows fast.

 If you don't have a handy broom to hand you can also use a large knitting needle (20mm)

or even a ruler.

It forms an interesting pattern and would make a lovely evening wrap.

Next week is the last one of this course, will miss it so am looking around for other venues.

Thursday was an interesting day, had a car incident on my way to see friends in the afternoon and had to use my breakdown service. As I was stopped in a vulnerable place this also involved the police with their flashing blue lights. Expensive for me as I now have to get a new tyre. But it is the only time to have happened to me in all my years of being a car owner, so I shouldn't grumble, and no one was hurt.

S xx

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Tunisian, Waves, Vintage and Stitching

Hello fellow bloggers, great to have you here.

These are the Tunisian crochet samples I made for my crochet class this week. It's a totally different type of crochet, a cross between knitting and crochet. A kind of make a row of stitches and then cast off, and repeat. It eats wool like you wouldn't believe but produces a nice thick fabric. Great for making handbags and jackets. Hope these photos show the patterns the stitches make.

Tunisian simple stitch (TSS)

Tunisian knit stitch (TKS)

Tunisian purl stitch (TKS)

And finally a mixture of purl and simple stitch

I've kind of finished my wave blanket, with a thin round of dc in black to bring out the colours. I do love how one side is darker than the other. I'm undecided on leaving it like this or trying to make a thicker lacy edging. May be down to time in the end.

At the Tuesday crochet&chat / knit&bitch group I was given a vintage pattern and have decided to give it a go. Don't you just love those hairstyles, or are they wigs.

I made a start last night and have got this far, first five rows.

But it Sunday and that means stitching, must go and get a needle and some floss.

Happy Sunday,
S xx