Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Photos from Yarndale

Hello, mid week and I've managed to get the computer up and running and sorted out my photos from Yarndale.  But before the photos can I just say welcome to my latest followers and also thank you for all your encouraging comments about my stitching Sunday.

Yarndale Diary
Set off early morning to catch the train to Skipton.  Lovely journey, chatting and crocheting with friends.  Not the only people on the train who were knitting/crocheting.  Lovely Settle/Carlisle line, such stunning scenery.  Sorry I didn't take any photos, but would recomment you take a journey on this sometime.

Met at Skipton train station by a shuttle double decker bus, all decked out in colourful woolly bunting and flowers.  This is part of the inside of the downstairs.

What a sight in the entrance hall.  Look at all this lovely bunting - my granddaughter was very impressed and would like some for her bedroom. I'm going to be busy!

Not confident about taking too many pictures as the artists have all worked so hard, but here are some photos from the day.

Lovely crochet bags

And flowers, not seen them edged in such a way before and very nicely displayed

 Very colourful patchwork display, triangles of crochet put together like a patchwork blanket, so cool.

 Lots of crochet stars, joined together.

Kits you could buy to make these wonderful scarfs - wish I had taken extra money. Not a scarf to wear but I'd love to have one just hanging about on my wall, they are so beautiful.

I was quite taken with all the lovely crochet food on offer

Would you think that this garlic is made of wool - I had to look twice.  This stall was a group that had come all the way over from Malaga, Spain
And finally, if you have a large animal head on the wall, why not make it look pretty.
Back home on the train, tired but with a head full of ideas.  Oh and I  bought a bit of wool too.
Hope you are having a good week.


  1. Oh it looks fabulous! Glad you had. A good time.
    M x

  2. I'm a sucker for crocheted food - I love that buffet! Looks like you had a fun day, thanks for sharing! Chrissie x

  3. Ooh your pics are a feast for the eyes! Looks like a truly fab day, I am just a tad (actually way more than a tad!) envious - hope they hold it again next year.
    Thanks for sharing your day with us :-)

  4. Looks brilliant. Lots of lovely yarn things. All that bunting looks fab. Looks like a fab day out. X

  5. Lovely post. It's so much fun to see Yarndale through so many bloggers' eyes.

  6. Lovely post S, thank you, I've been really enjoying seeing the pics from Yarndale - and mostly all different ones too on the various blogs. So much inspiration, I bet you're raring to go and get started on something new. I'm glad for you that you managed to go and have a great time!
    Joy x


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