Sunday, 27 November 2016

My Crochet Artist in Residence assignment

Since I retired from my full time office job in March of this year, my feet haven't touched the ground. There has always been something for me to do which I have already blogged about.  My latest, Crochet Artist in Residence at the Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry in Kendal during the town's Wool Gathering event must rank as one of the most enjoyable, so far.

Never having done anything like this before, it was such a great honour to be asked. All the staff and volunteers were so welcoming and I met some lovely people.

Here are my best bits.

Frog Prince Tea Pot Cosy. I think this may have set off my journey as I made it for the Workshops in Peoples Homes project.  It is not my design, it was in a crochet magazine and uses the crocodile stitch pattern.  The Battenberg cake, custard slice, donut and jam tarts I made up as I was travelling to Leeds and back to see family.  The two and a half journey was well utilised and caused a few curious looks from fellow travellers.

 Originally I was going to try to show water pouring out of this tap, but a bigger tap was found (see below), I made teardrop style shapes using thick yarn with a little bit of sparkle in it and suspended them from grey cotton thread.

 The Roast Chicken, my favourite piece, what a time I had making this, the legs seemed to work out just right, straight from the start, but I had three attempts at the body.  My sizes were a little off, so I took myself off to the Supermarket and studied the oven ready chickens on the shelf.  I know it would have been better if I'd bought a chicken to bring home and measure, but I'd already done my shopping for that week.  I coloured the outside of the chicken with some bronze fabric paint to give it the authentic roasted look.

 I am very pleased with this piece.  It is worked in Tapestry Crochet and I mapped it out on graph paper, much as you would do for a cross stitch picture. The room it was in was quite dark and it brightened up the fireplace very well.  My take on flames.  (I have since sold this piece)

 A quick trip to the Wool Gathering wouldn't be complete without Alpacas.  Here are two lovely creatures. They look so gentle and dignified.

 As part of the display advertising the yarn bombing of the museum I made the cheese and buter. The butter paddles and the jelly were made by someone else.

 A couple of bees on the hive.

 And with mushrooms and half an apple, which I also made.

 Little touches like these candle flames were also added.

And here is the little chair I covered in crochet.  It really appealed to the children who came into the museum and when I said they could sit in it they were really chuffed.

As well as my items, the local schools and community groups had also made sheep and they covered most of the ground floor.  They are on offer for donations to the charity 'In the Moment' which supports people living dementia. 

 Water flowing from the pump, the crochet tube worked in double crochet has been held open with a plastic tube, the 'water' hitting the stone bowl at the bottom with bobbles to signify the force of the water.

My hot Mexican stripes blanket, which I am missing a bit since the weather has gotten colder.

What a wonderful experience I have had.  The displays have been in the museum since October but they are changing them soon and I will receive my items back.

Wondering what to do now .....  I'm sure something will turn up.