Friday, 28 March 2014

Well I never ....

Hello fellow bloggers

Would like to share with you my latest news.  I am going to be running crochet and other craft classes at the New Hedgehog Bookshop in Penrith.  They will be starting in a few weeks time.  More about that later as I now have much to sort out.

In the meantime, here's a glimpse of what we did on Saturday at Shap Library.

Must dash........

J xx

Saturday, 22 March 2014

A bit of a spring clean

To mark the one year blogging milestone I have added a picture header to my blog. Hope you like it. I see so many great looking blogs out there and felt it was about time mine was spruced up a bit.

Been a good week for finishing off some of my WIPs.

Vintage waistcoat; worn here by my trusted vintage model, Mildred. I've added a white tea shirt and the skirt I made last year. Quite pleased with the outfit.

Blue Moose; there's a story here which I will blog about at a later date. But just to show you that I can knit as well as crochet. Still prefer to crochet though.

Hope you are getting on well with your projects.

A big welcome to my new followers, I'm now in the thirtys. Wow.......

Must dash, off to do some crafting with youngsters today. Really lookin forward to it, they have such wonderful creative ideas.

S xx

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lucky me

Hi, just a quick post to share with you my good luck.

Back in February Jo from Three Stories High hosted a brooch swap and I was paired with the talented Jane from Plain Jane, and look what I received in the post this week. Check out their blogs, two very creative ladies.

It is so good to get a parcel, especially when opened it reveals not only what you were expecting, but an additional packet of seeds and a delightful postcard.

Thank you so much Jane and thank you Jo for arranging some smiles

Happy blogging,
S xx

Psssss: there was also a bar of chocolate, but it didn't manage to make the photo shoot ;-)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

A week of smiles

I've set myself a challenge, to find something to smile about each day. So here they are, I hope they make you smile too. Sorry but don't have photos.

  • Monday 8am - watching the vapour, rising from my fence and the roofs of nearby houses as the sunshine hits the frost. A sure sign of better weather to come.
  • Tuesday pm - getting messy with the Embroiderers' Guild dyeing workshop. Not often you are asked to bring rubber gloves and an old towel on a night out.
  • Wednesday - taking in the views of the fells as I drive to work. I am lucky to live amongst such great scenery. I should appreciate it more.
  • Thursday - 9.20 pm. Whilst driving home in the dark, wind and rain, a cat ran across the road in front of me and leapt up to jump over a wall ... but. ...... missed. Looking confused it quickly gathered its thoughts and then ran round the wall.
  • Friday - 8pm. Assisting at a local youth club running a craft session on glass and tile painting. One little girl said "I wish we could do this every week". It was a good feeling.
  • Saturday - 10am. Spare part for my vacuum cleaner has arrived. Never thought I'd miss cleaning up - and I managed to fit it myself.
  • Sunday - writing this blog.

Have a good week; look out for something to smile about every day.

S xx

Sunday, 2 March 2014

What a difference a year makes

Happy Birthday to you, my little blog.

I cannot quite believe that my blog is one year old today.

So much has happened.  This journey started with me attending a SpringBoard workshop at work where I met someone called Helen. She brought in a poster for some workshops in Cockermouth with the wonderfully supportive Emma and I booked on one. Emma has a blog, never read one before, but it looks complicated and my computer is old and slow. But I got sucked in and soon I was reading other blogs and seeing how many people 'just like me' were out there.

Time to upgrade with the technology and I get an iPad. Now I can read blogs anywhere in the house.

Enter stage left Samantha at Penrith Crafts. "Oh it's easy" she said to another customer, whipped out her iPad and showed her how to start with blogspot. I was watching, 'I could do that' I thought, and so my blog was born on 2nd Match 2013. Samantha is a very talented carder/crafter and has her own blog too. See link at the side.

I learnt as I was going on, of goodness sake, I didn't even know how to attach a photo at first.

After a while I started to comment on others blogs, and started to receive comments on mine. I even found that others were following me (not in a stalking way, thankfully).

I've had gifts from others, earrings from the USA,

Bird brooch from Emma

Lovely comments from Joy in Australia

Joining in with the talented Chrissie and Sewing Sundays, looking at the CAL posts too. I've not had time to join in yet, but I will.

I could go on, but why not take a look at my Blogs I Love list on the right.

So thank you, all my fellow bloggers. I'm enjoying my new hobby, because I haven't got enough to fill my time, ha ha. But it's good to be busy.

Here's a photo of some of my WIP and finished things that I have around me today.

Here's to the next twelve months.

S xx