Saturday, 12 July 2014

Feeling hot, hot, hot

What lovely weather we are having at the mo.

The bees are busy on the borage.

Flowers at last on the courgette plants.

Jumper finished and ready for the cooler days.

Need to find another project..... Or should I just take it easy?

J xx


  1. Beautiful jumper, a real delight.

  2. Healthy looking plants S, and what a lovely jumper you've worked there, well done, and such a bright colour for cooler days too. Now I think you should jump right into another project and keep going, enjoy it and your lovely weather, xoJoy

  3. Chillax. For a while at any rate!

  4. Definitely find another project, are you on Ravelry? I always have loads of projects in a queue which I never get round to, maybe you've got some too!


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