Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lucky me

Hi, just a quick post to share with you my good luck.

Back in February Jo from Three Stories High hosted a brooch swap and I was paired with the talented Jane from Plain Jane, and look what I received in the post this week. Check out their blogs, two very creative ladies.

It is so good to get a parcel, especially when opened it reveals not only what you were expecting, but an additional packet of seeds and a delightful postcard.

Thank you so much Jane and thank you Jo for arranging some smiles

Happy blogging,
S xx

Psssss: there was also a bar of chocolate, but it didn't manage to make the photo shoot ;-)


  1. A very lovely gift to receive, Sarah, and such lovely bright colours! Joy xo

  2. That is one pretty brooch! And how lovely to get some 'real' flowers, too! Chrissie x

  3. Ooo lucky you! Gorgeous brooch. Lots of lovely goodies xx

  4. Dear S
    What a lovely swap and great gifts. I took part in this swap too and really enjoyed it.
    Best wishes


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