Sunday, 5 January 2014

Wet Sunday, Wet Yarn

Not enjoying all this rain, but it's better than ice and snow.

Am taking on a new crochet class this month; 'Beyond beginners'. So have lots of planning and new examples to set up.  The five week course will introduce a different aspect of crochet each week and each student can get assistance to complete a project, or projects of their own.

First week is selecting patterns and working a swatch to ensure success, so this is what I have been setting up today.

Worked examples and pattern info including tension.

Weave in ends

Wash and rinse

Gently squeeze out excess water

Place on a towel

Gently roll in the towel to remove more moisture

Pin out and leave to dry

Also for fun have added a few more rows to my wave blanket.

Enjoy your week.

S xx


  1. Thank you for sharing the washing info very handy to know. I love your wave blanket what fab colours!
    Happy new year x

  2. Thanks for sharing the washing tips! Have a great week.


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