Monday, 13 May 2013

RSPB parrot re-homing service!!

Oh dear, I've got one sad parrot here (the one on the left). Ever since his pal went to a new home, he's  been all forlorn. Spending his days watching out of the window, looking for a new family.

He's no trouble to look after its just that I work full time and cannot give him the attention and company he needs. Plus he doesn't eat that much, but ..... I'm not having much luck teaching him to talk.

If you think that you can give him a new home, visit my Previous post post and leave a comment

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  1. Hello there J - I left a comment re your lovely lonely parrot but I wouldn't expect him to fly all the way to Australia - not on his own at such a young age!
    I also messaged you on my blog but just want to say here: I've had fun 'checking out' your blog and am looking forward to catching up on more of your posts soon. Joy x


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