Saturday, 6 April 2013

Needles and stuff

Good morning, thought I'd share some of Jessie's sewing kit with you.

And some more.
(Oh look, don't know how it happened but managed to align this photo to the left).

The weekend starts here.

Have fun.


  1. This is quite special, what treasure! But what are the items in the second photo? I feel like I'm watching Antiques Roadshow! 'And what do you think this fascinating gadget was used for, eh?' ;-) cx

    1. Chrissie, the brown tower thing is a pin dispenser, the mushroom and the painted egg would have been used for darning and the packets of needles have not been used, they are complete as when bought. I have a little museum of sewing/crafting items which I will be sharing as I continue the blogging.



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