Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My embroidery toolkit competition

Carina's blog (see my blog reading links) and &Stitches are running a competition and I'm submitting this as my entry.

My Grandmother, Jessie left me all her sewing tools, this is just a small selection.

Carina and &Stitches are running a little competition, and this is my entry.

This is Jessie's sewing machine, still going strong and nice even stitches

How about these tools, a pin dispenser, and packets of needles,

And these

And there's more

The little tin contains the pins

And finally a needle, Jessie's, of course


  1. just spotted this is so close to home as I have all my Grnny's sewing bits and bobs...and they are just like Jessies! lovely to see, thanks for sharing them

  2. Thank you for your comment, good to know I'm in good company.


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