Sunday, 15 May 2016

Gardening, an upcycle, and Tunisian Crochet

It's so lovely to see the sun again, it lifts ones spirits and enhances creativity. 

My garden has received some love.

Beds dug, seeds planted and anti cat protection put in place. I don't mind sharing my garden with the neighbours' cats, but I do object to them digging holes where I want flowers.

I edged one bed with scallop shells I collected on a holiday to Skye.

Bulbs in pots are also beginning to poke through the compost. I use crushed egg shells to deter snails.

A couple of tulips have peeped through from the garden next door to add a bit of colour.

I've also tried my hand at a bit of recycling! An unwanted pallet, blue paint, an old shower curtain, and ta-da, a vertical herb garden. I saw the idea a couple of weeks ago and I'm quite pleased with my results. Seeds for coriander, basil, parsley and rocket planted and a mint from Aldi this morning planted.

On with my museum displays, one for Tunisian Crochet, 

and was so inspired to make some so crocheted this bag. Just need to find a button and make some straps.

Not sure what this stitch pattern is called, it's a mix of TSS (Simple stitch) and TPS (purl stitch).

Think I have earned a little sit in the sun now. Hope the sun is shining where you are.

Sandra xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tool of unknown purpose and more museum preparation

I'm glad my parents are organised hoarders. Many items have been saved even if they don't know what they are. One such item was rediscovered last week and I have been trying to find out what it is.

It's about 7inches in length with a blunt point on one end 

and a flattened one on the other.

The middle is wood and it has what appears to be dried glue stuck to it, so I know it has been used at some point. It also has a label stuck on it with my grandparents surname on it so I'm assuming it may have been used out of the home.

My grandmother was a great needle woman so may have used it for some type of craft.
My grandfather worked in K-Shoes in Kendal, but I'm sure he would have been provided with tools at work.

So far it's been suggested:-

An awl
A sail making tool
Something for making marks in clay
Hand loom tool
Shoemaking tool

But perhaps you know better?

Do you have any items of unknown purpose which you would like to share? Somebody, somewhere will know what it is.

The preparations for the museum are ongoing. This lovely sunny weather has been an ideal opportunity to launder my linens. All have crochet borders. Some were made by my grandmother, others I have picked up over the years, collected just because I like them. 

Some are quite intricate.

Some are showing their age. Well some will be over 100 years old.

All ironed now, they smell so fresh and feel so crisp.

Off now to sort out more items for my museum. It's 'Stitch-n-Bitch at mine tonight so I also need to tidy up and make cake.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Edinburgh Knitting & Stitching Show haul

Fantastic day yesterday at the first Knitting & Stitching Show held in Edinburgh. Plenty of people there without being in a crush.

Really pleased with my purchases.

Advent Calendar print, always wanted to make one of these.
Fat quarters in ditsy prints, not sure what I am going to make with these.
Silk cocoon stripings - got a plan for these😉
Angelina fibres, to add bling to my works
Bias binder folder
Friction pen

There were some great exhibits there too. Would have loved to buy an original but settled on two cards showing felt/blanket, hand and machine embroidery by Michala Gyetvai. 

Also had time to attend one of the 1hr workshops on offer. I selected block printing on fabric with Pat Archibold. It was great fun experimenting with bondaweb, glue granules, sequins and ink. I added the beads this morning. She has full day workshops in her studio which she said is near the Waverley train station, so will be accessible from Cumbria.

Not sure which side I should present as the front as it works from both sides.

Now to get back to planning for the crochet museum.