Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tool of unknown purpose and more museum preparation

I'm glad my parents are organised hoarders. Many items have been saved even if they don't know what they are. One such item was rediscovered last week and I have been trying to find out what it is.

It's about 7inches in length with a blunt point on one end 

and a flattened one on the other.

The middle is wood and it has what appears to be dried glue stuck to it, so I know it has been used at some point. It also has a label stuck on it with my grandparents surname on it so I'm assuming it may have been used out of the home.

My grandmother was a great needle woman so may have used it for some type of craft.
My grandfather worked in K-Shoes in Kendal, but I'm sure he would have been provided with tools at work.

So far it's been suggested:-

An awl
A sail making tool
Something for making marks in clay
Hand loom tool
Shoemaking tool

But perhaps you know better?

Do you have any items of unknown purpose which you would like to share? Somebody, somewhere will know what it is.

The preparations for the museum are ongoing. This lovely sunny weather has been an ideal opportunity to launder my linens. All have crochet borders. Some were made by my grandmother, others I have picked up over the years, collected just because I like them. 

Some are quite intricate.

Some are showing their age. Well some will be over 100 years old.

All ironed now, they smell so fresh and feel so crisp.

Off now to sort out more items for my museum. It's 'Stitch-n-Bitch at mine tonight so I also need to tidy up and make cake.


  1. The linen is stunning, it looked beautiful all hanging on the line. What a amazing museum you are building.

    1. Thank you. It's about time I sorted out my stuff. I've been collecting things for years without knowing why.

  2. Friends came round last night. Consensus is that the tool is for making eyelets in leather. Or a clay modelling tool.

  3. I think it's a laying tool

    1. Thank you Wendy. I'd never heard of a laying tool before so I googled it. It could be used for that, and it would fit as I know my grandmother made quite a few banners for clubs and a couple of Masonic Lodges. My father said that the label that is stuck on it is my grandmothers writing not his fathers.


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