Tuesday, 27 September 2016


I have found it a challenge to put a title on this post, there is so much going on, so I just took the simple approach and called it September.

The weeks and months are just flying by, and I'm wondering how I had time to work. It's now 6 months since my redundancy/retirement and I haven't had time to 'spit' yet. My goal of weekly posts has not materialised either.

First my big news.   .........   (Dramatic pause) ...........

I have been asked by The Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry (aka MOLLI) in Kendal to be their Crochet Artist in Residence during Kendal Wool Gathering. I will be there 1200 - 1500 from Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th October. I have been busy making some crochet items to be installed within the existing exhibitions and will be on site to deliver workshops and give demonstrations. You too can be involved, click here to see what it's all about. So if you are in Kendal on these dates, why not pop in and see me. I cannot give too much away, but here is a sneaky peek at a few of the items that will be displayed.

Roast chicken
Ginger moustache 
Block of Red Leicester

On Saturday I went to Yarndale in Skipton. Bacon butties and fizzy on the train was a great start to the day. I found some emerald coloured linen and turquoise Merino yarns, plus a book of six shawl patterns. 

This was my third visit to this event and it just gets better each time. 

Hairpin Crochet. 
It's something I've been wanting to try for some time now. And this gift I recently received contains instructions on how to use. I think I have some patterns in my crochet magazine stash. Something to add to my crochet museum.

I've also recently been shown how to do Needle Tatting. After searching online I had to purchase one from the USA. 

This is my first attempt.

I think I am going to have to practice, I have found a pattern for snowflakes which will come in useful.

I keep seeing patterns for Super Scarfs this season so have crocheted one for myself, with a matching hat. At 126 inches in length (over 10 feet), it can definitely have the title of a 'super' scarf.

Off now to crochet some more items for the museum.

Bye for now.



  1. Congratulations on been asked to be the crochet artist, a great achievement. Love the hat and scarf, a beautiful colour yarn.

    1. I'm still a little confused over how this has happened, but it's certainly taking the place of full time work. The yarn came from Aldi, £3.99 for 400g. Not only is it a great colour, but it's soft to touch and easy to work with. I've also made another hat with what was left over.

  2. Looks like it's been a great month! Loving the things for the Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry in Kendal.

    1. A great month indeed. Looking forward to meeting new people next month.

  3. Congratulations! What an honour. I'd love to learn to tat!

    1. Ive worked two of the four days in the museum, it's fantastic, I'm meeting some lovely people. This needle tatting seams straight forward, I think my main problems will be understanding the patterns and keeping an even tension.


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