Sunday, 5 June 2016

Double Treble Bobble

Wow, what a great time I am having. The culmination of several months has come to fruition. So much has happened since I read an article last year about an arts event in Cumbria called 'Workshops in People's Homes' and decided to contact them (ANDfestivals).

I have been on an amazing journey and have met some new friends.

The mentor; the amazing artist Joshua Soafer, who has a thing about noses.
The facilitators; Tricia and the rest of the Abandon Normal Devices team.
The participants; Barbara, Celia, Colin, Di, Hugh, Jean & Maud, Kat, Nicholas, and Sue.

By volunteering to assist with the Peer Assessment of the workshops. I have :-

Made felt, whilst swapping stories of home, with Jean and Maud, my felt to be incorporated into a giant nest which will be displayed at Woolfest.

After being interviewed over the phone about by memories of home, I have received an original watercolour painting by Celia.

Put up a tent and walked round a playing field with Hugh, whilst chatting about home.

Drunk barley and rye shots, and looked at all things grass with Sue in her home and the field.

Been welcomed into a temporary summer home, made temporary art and practiced mindfulness with Di.

For myself I have finally put into some sort of order my collection of crochet artefacts, patterns and books. I have researched into the social history of textiles and put together a light hearted lecture with a museum type display in my living room. I have welcomed members of the public into my home and hope I have promoted the craft/art of crochet.

I am not an historian, or a crochet professional, I'm just passionate about crocheting. And this is just a little look into of what I have put together. Please excuse the shaky video, I took with my iPad and there is no commentary.

The journey has been fascinating and enjoyable, and may yet be continuing. Who knows where this will take me.


  1. What a journey, I love the video a true feast for the eyes I didn't know where to look. Truly amazing.

    1. Thank you. It's been a bit of a crazy time but I've enjoyed every minute. I have just heard that my last workshop, this Sunday, has sold out. I'm over the moon.

  2. Great video so much to see and enjoy.


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