Sunday, 15 November 2015

Being creative

LI've used up the last of my fleecy felt fabric making a final three snowmen.

I've had great fun making them.

At Yarndale this year I treated myself to Edward's Menagerie, a book of really cute crochet animals designed by Kerry Lord from Toft. I have started by making Emma the Elephant. There are 40 designs, I wonder if I can make them all!

Yesterday I attended a days workshop held by the Quilters Guild (I'm not a member but my friend Lisa is). It was a lovely day, I met a group of great ladies, and had a fantastic home cooked meal. Mince pies and mulled wine kept appearing throughout the day too. I was made to feel very welcome and my trusty Benina sewing machine, which was a 21st birthday present (have I given away my age now) from my parents got a few compliments of her own. She is very heavy compared to the modern machines, but hopefully she will see me out. Does anyone else own a Benina Nova?

I made this Holly Sprite. I know it's not a quilt, but I could have made a quilted table mat. He has quite a puzzled face. 

I learnt that sewing the layers together with some wadding (the sandwich was wadding at the bottom, with the fabric right sides together on top) produces a smooth look once stuffed.


  1. Those snowman are adorable, perfect for the season. Alos fell in love with the great book, a great job with the elephant.

  2. The snowmen have taken on their own characters and they have been fun to make.
    S xx

  3. Lovely makes! I have my Grandmothers Bernina 1005 and I love it! Weighs a tonne but stitches beautifully and is great for embroidery.


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