Monday, 24 June 2013

Contender for the longest WIP ?

I wonder if this is a contender for the longest work in progress?

Back in the 1970's my mother got some free patchwork templates on the front of a magazine. I wanted to make a patchwork cushion and set to work raiding her fabric stash, then ........ Life got in the way and it lay lost and forgotten in the attic.

Three years ago I rediscovered it and tried to finish it off.
Two years ago I bought some cushion pads
Three months ago I bought some curtain material from my local charity shop
And today, I've finished them.

Have you got any WIPs that have taken this long?

Love the vintage patterns. Some I remember as being dresses and pyjamas which my mother made when I was younger.

S xx

Friday, 21 June 2013

A breakfast occasion

Looked forward to breakfast this morning:

  • Toast and my sister's delicious lemon marmalade
  • Coffee in my cafetiere with its new colourful hug
  • Sorting out the buttons I picked up at my local charity shop yesterday.

Great start to my day.

S xx

Thursday, 20 June 2013

I love a challenge!!!

The other day I blogged that I'd bought a new book and that one of the patterns took my attention. Well Joy from blog JoyJinks Creations challenged me to make it.

So I got up early this morning and made a start. For once the sun was shining (you can see my shadow on the photo), so I was able to work outside.

Worked for 90 minutes and then had to do some work. Wish I could craft all day but there are some jobs that have to be done.

By the time I came back the sun had gone shy and had disappeared behind a thick layer of cloud.

But here it is and I know it looks nothing like the picture in the book.

My cafetiere is a lot smaller, only one cup, and I improvised with dropped trebles and bobbles. I'm looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.

Thank you Joy.

S xx

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A new book

Just a brief blog. Picked up this book on Monday. Lots of lovely things to inspire.

Think I might start with this, to brighten up the mornings.

By the way the table runner in the background was handmade in Budapest. I went there for my 50th birthday and saw them being made in the gift shop. So bright and colourful.

S xx

Friday, 14 June 2013

Vintage Bon Bon dish

Hi, do you remember this? I bought some vintage patterns at the embroiders' guild regional day. I was inspired to try my hand at the pineapple Bon Bon dish.

I used one of Jessie's crochet hooks and made a start.

It grew fast.

Ready to finish off the ends.

On the pattern it gave a recipe for stiffening the crochet to make the bowl.

Put two egg cups of sugar in a pan.
Add one egg cup of hot water.
Put over a low heat and stir until clear, ie all the sugar has dissolved.
Remove from the heat and add the crochet. Leave in the pan for a few minutes until cool enough to handle.
Squeeze the excess out of the crochet then pin out over a mould (I'm using a pudding dish)
Leave until dry.

And here's mine!

You can also cover with varnish to add more strength.

No time to crochet one! you could get some vintage doilies from a charity shop and experiment moulding into bowls, etc.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Busy Weekend

Hope you all have had a good weekend.  Mine has been rather busy. Sorry no photos, but I've been in Leeds shopping for my daughter's birthday. The Kirkgate market hall has some good fabric, yarn and haberdashery stalls, which I had to visit first. Then we had a good time trying things on in the shops and a visit to the new Trinity Centre. All I can say is wow! It's been worth the wait. I go to Leeds fairly regularly, on the Settle-Carlisle line. Takes 2 1/2 hours of stunning scenery.

Back home now and a garden to water. I planted some bedding plants last week. Not many flowers yet, but I have great hopes.

S xx

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Freestyle cup cake

Hi all

Last month I mentioned freestyle crochet, well this time I looked at what I'd made and it said to me "cupcake", so I added a cherry and there it was.

 Must admit this was made last year

but it has taken til yesterday to put it in a frame.

Have you tried any freestyle crochet yet? I would be interested to see what you have done.

Off to hang it on my wall now.

S xx

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Nice one Cyril

Meet Cyril.

You may remember him from a previous post. But he looks happier now and is looking forward to meeting his new family. He's even packed a little bag in preparation of his journey.  

Congratulations on your adoption Beacee. After a poll amongst my neighbours the most popular name was Cryil. But Murphy and Hooker both got votes too.  

If Beacee can contact me at I will make arrangements to complete the adoption.  Jennifer and Joy - thank you for suggesting the other names.

S xx