Sunday, 24 November 2013

The trouser pattern takes shape

Hi, been working on my trouser pattern today ready for tomorrow night.

My homework this week was to pin my pattern onto the pattern fabric. The idea is to use a similar weight to the fabric you are going to make the trousers from. I'm using an old bed sheet.

Once I'd ironed the sheet I pinned on the three pattern pieces.

Next was to draw round the pattern once, then draw on a seem allowance.

Looking forward to the next stage.

And my Christmas cactus, which I found out today when listening to the radio, is really a jungle plant  and doesn't like strong sunlight, is still putting on a good show.

Hope you have all had a great week.

S xx


  1. Your Christmas 'jungle plant' is looking gorgeous, and I wish you the best with the trouser making! Have a good week! Hugs, Joy x

  2. My mum had one. Her's was an "Easter Cactus" wonder if they have one for every religious festival!?

  3. The colour of that cactus really brightens the dullest of autumn/wintry days! Stunning. And I find your trouser 'journey' so intersting...Cxxx

  4. Hi Jessie's Needle, can you drop me a little email re: our decoration swap? I'm at irishredsetter at live dot co dot uk Look forward to hearing from you.


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