Monday, 25 March 2013

Busy weekend

Sometimes you have an idea which seems quite inspired, and then you wonder if you have not lost your mind; that's how I found myself spending the weekend in an old barn on the coldest weekend of the year. Many areas around where I live had snow blocked roads and there is a strong, cold, easterly wind coming straight from the arctic. If I'd seen a polar bear I wouldn't have been surprised.

Yes, I took a stall at a craft/vintage fair at the weekend. Never done that before and I'm still thawing out. It was sooooooooooo cold. Brrrrrrrrr!!!!!

I shared the stall with one of my friends. We met some really lovely people and as a bonus I sold a few crocheted items and there was some interest in my handbags made out of recycled jumpers.

I was positioned between Gwen, who makes the most marvellous pottery, this is a link to her website. And 'Once Upon a Time in the North' - (have added her blog to my reading list) - what colourful cushions, bags, kits, ribbons, and a fantastic array of buttons.

I also bought some vintage crocheted cotton wedding coasters, 4 old knitting pins in a wooden cylinder, 2 old stilettos, a clock and half a dozen eggs, so overall I am probably not in profit, but who cares, I had the most marvellous fun.

Might do it again one day, did I really say that??????????????

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