Tuesday, 4 October 2016


What a lovely bonus weekend we have just had. The sunshine was a real tonic for the soul. But I know our warm sunny days are going away soon for the winter. I think my neighbours knew it too, we were all out tidying our gardens. The grass has been cut, trees and shrubs given their Autumn trim, the flower beds stripped of annuals, perennials tidied up. But I wasn't ready to let all the colour go. I put some flowers in water in a can. They are still there this morning.

There is colour inside too, my gerbera has flowered. I'm so excited as after I bought it I read that it can be tricky to look after. Perhaps I have stumbled on just the right place for it to thrive - my kitchen windowsill.

I just had to start to use some of the Marino wool I purchased at Yarndale. I am making one of the shawls from The Crochet Project book I also bought there. I think it looks a bit like a giant moth at the moment.

I've also found a bit of time to start making items for Appleby Textile Group. We are taking a stall at a craft fair in St Lawrence's Church in a few weeks time and have all been asked to make something. 
Seems strange to be making Christmas items in the sunshine.

Hope you too had a productive weekend.